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WSH-Holroyd Howe
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  • Content hh nick and ronan november 2016 14 Frames 10 9dfa61009baae14d1c32f1ace423c4d8f4f629b26f23af13689fd5fe7d2a04cc

    Nick Howe & Ronan Harte Founder & Chief Executive

  • Content slp 622 Frames 8 c059e9d91579e6cadd4cecb4212fa4faff2c579c7cfd1d9195d495b58d627099

    Hannah Schofield Finance Director

  • Content claire long Frames 4 76c4792410d2ba523718539f2d4415698ad70fc52b9c43e185931e852a2ddbf8

    Claire Long Director

  • Content hh anna november 2016 1 Frames 8 c059e9d91579e6cadd4cecb4212fa4faff2c579c7cfd1d9195d495b58d627099

    Anna Fullwood People & Development Director

  • Content slp 246 Frames 1 c2f709b2d0e89140c700257dcc9dd035b8bbe0ec69ebf430618e379957188c06

    Amy Roberts Director of Nutrition and Food Development

  • Content bev lusty Frames 1 c2f709b2d0e89140c700257dcc9dd035b8bbe0ec69ebf430618e379957188c06

    Bev Lusty Operations Director

  • Content graham olds 1 Frames 1 c2f709b2d0e89140c700257dcc9dd035b8bbe0ec69ebf430618e379957188c06

    Graham Olds Operations Director

  • Content melissa rahaman Frames 3 0432e99a8e190f8ac2999d619855bfacd153451807cda2589b8f4b3af5fb2f7e

    Melissa Rahaman Operations Director

  • Content rachael wilson Frames 3 0432e99a8e190f8ac2999d619855bfacd153451807cda2589b8f4b3af5fb2f7e

    Rachael Wilson Operations Director

  • Content stephen owen Frames 8 c059e9d91579e6cadd4cecb4212fa4faff2c579c7cfd1d9195d495b58d627099

    Stephen Owen Regional Executive Chef

  • Content iain ball Frames 8 c059e9d91579e6cadd4cecb4212fa4faff2c579c7cfd1d9195d495b58d627099

    Iain Ball Operations Manager

  • Content tracey keane1 Frames 8 c059e9d91579e6cadd4cecb4212fa4faff2c579c7cfd1d9195d495b58d627099

    Tracey Keane Operations Manager

  • Content james maynard Frames 5 215330570510b33848c3e62478006d3fab629884d30aa39430b2b4d3f1be56dc

    James Maynard Regional Executive Chef

  • Content slp 213 Frames 3 0432e99a8e190f8ac2999d619855bfacd153451807cda2589b8f4b3af5fb2f7e

    Hannah Irvine Sustainability & Environmental Manager

  • Content nicola pearce 1 Frames 8 c059e9d91579e6cadd4cecb4212fa4faff2c579c7cfd1d9195d495b58d627099

    Nicola Pearce Food & Health & Safety Manager

  • Content damian blake Frames 4 76c4792410d2ba523718539f2d4415698ad70fc52b9c43e185931e852a2ddbf8

    Damian Blake Company Executive Chef

  • Content  r7j1241 Frames 9 e885f34c2f42e588c0b03c176ba697fc1006aee2e91ba272bb409dea493b2f4c

    Anthony Russell Business Development Executive Chef

  • Content sueward march2019 Frames 8 c059e9d91579e6cadd4cecb4212fa4faff2c579c7cfd1d9195d495b58d627099

    Sue Ward Learning & Development Manager

  • Content emma allen central Frames 4 76c4792410d2ba523718539f2d4415698ad70fc52b9c43e185931e852a2ddbf8

    Emma Allen Operations Manager

  • Content slp 032 Frames 8 c059e9d91579e6cadd4cecb4212fa4faff2c579c7cfd1d9195d495b58d627099

    Sally Crewe Nutritionist

  • Content nicola quinn Frames 9 e885f34c2f42e588c0b03c176ba697fc1006aee2e91ba272bb409dea493b2f4c

    Nicola Quinn Business Development Manager

  • Content slp 220 Frames 9 e885f34c2f42e588c0b03c176ba697fc1006aee2e91ba272bb409dea493b2f4c

    Nicola Skevington Operations Manager

  • Content mike taylor Frames 1 c2f709b2d0e89140c700257dcc9dd035b8bbe0ec69ebf430618e379957188c06

    Mike Taylor Regional Executive Chef

  • Content rebecca senior Frames 3 0432e99a8e190f8ac2999d619855bfacd153451807cda2589b8f4b3af5fb2f7e

    Rebecca Senior Operations Manager

  • Content james byrne Frames 5 215330570510b33848c3e62478006d3fab629884d30aa39430b2b4d3f1be56dc

    James Byrne Operations Manager

  • Content slp 248 Frames 1 c2f709b2d0e89140c700257dcc9dd035b8bbe0ec69ebf430618e379957188c06

    Ellen Bly HR Business Partner

  • Content holroyd howe 01.07.14014 Frames 3 0432e99a8e190f8ac2999d619855bfacd153451807cda2589b8f4b3af5fb2f7e

    Dan Collier Head of Food Development

  • Content christophe vandamme  2 Frames 1 c2f709b2d0e89140c700257dcc9dd035b8bbe0ec69ebf430618e379957188c06

    Christophe Vandamme Operations Manager

  • Content ell headshot Frames 3 0432e99a8e190f8ac2999d619855bfacd153451807cda2589b8f4b3af5fb2f7e

    Emma Lynch HR Business Partner

  • Content sally knief Frames 4 76c4792410d2ba523718539f2d4415698ad70fc52b9c43e185931e852a2ddbf8

    Sally Knief Account Director

  • Content alison bowden Frames 2 689338b1edc3a6fffd12e38c7231329ed24df56b745758159c378ab2eb63b25f

    Alison Bowden Operations Manager

  • Content holroyd howe august 2016 2 Frames 8 c059e9d91579e6cadd4cecb4212fa4faff2c579c7cfd1d9195d495b58d627099

    Richard Thrower Business Development Manager

  • Content slp 024 Frames 8 c059e9d91579e6cadd4cecb4212fa4faff2c579c7cfd1d9195d495b58d627099

    Ben Cook Regional Executive Chef

  • Content vince carr Frames 1 c2f709b2d0e89140c700257dcc9dd035b8bbe0ec69ebf430618e379957188c06

    Vince Carr Chef Trainer